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Apple 1 Emulator

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Tonight I’ve posted the first release of my version of the pom1 Apple 1 emulator. This emulator needed a number of modifications in order to turn it into an applet, but it is now in working form. Next steps are to add reset and clear functions, then try to get BASIC running.

pom1 Applet

Visit the Emulator page to see it in action!

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Apple II Keyboard Interface

March 18, 2010 1 comment

I recently got an Apple II keyboard to use instead of the IIe keyboard I was using. This keyboard has an onboard encoder and a layout that is closer to the original Datanetics keyboards. One thing to watch out for when hooking an Apple II keyboard to an Apple I, when you rewire it if you hook it up backwards, you will blow the 7404 on the encoder board. I know that this has happened to several people, and it happened to me as well. After replacing the 7404 and wiring it up properly, everything worked. I wired the reset button up, but I had no way to invoke clear, so I wired up a simple circuit with a 555 timer to perform a reset and clear on power-on.

Apple II Keyboard Interface Top

Apple II Keyboard Interface Bottom

Apple II Keyboard Top

Apple II Keyboard Bottom

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Gold LM323K Voltage Regulator

March 11, 2010 Leave a comment

As you know, maintaining accuracy with my Apple 1 replica has been a high priority. I had been able to find nearly every component used on the original Apple 1 computers with one major exception: the LM323K Voltage Regulator. Vintage LM323Ks were created with a gold base. This had a drastically different aesthetic from the steel ones sold today. I looked everywhere for a vintage LM323K but had zero luck. This was really the last remaining component that I could not find for an accurate Apple 1. Well, I finally found one on an old piece of hardware and successfully performed a transplant. Here’s the new look compared to the old.

Gold LM323K

old LM323K

As you can see there is quite a big difference in the look of the two, and for me is always the first major indicator I notice determining if an Apple 1 is original.

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