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The Legendary White 6502

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

The most distinct chip on an original Apple 1 is definitely the MOS 6502. This chip originally came in a white ceramic package, and that is what shipped with the original Apple 1 computers. When I decided to build my replica using original parts, I set out to find this chip. As it turns out, this is a relatively sought after chip. They rarely come up for sale, and when they do they can claim hundreds of dollars. After a few months of searching I finally found one. What I did not know when I started searching was that this chip actually came in three different variations of the white ceramic packaging. The Apple 1 computer used a package with no external ground strap. This was the very first package used on the MOS 6502. Later MOS shipped two white 6502’s with an external ground strap. One had a centered strap, the other ran along the edge. The original packaging is the most rare, and took me almost a year to acquire.

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